Stort Crossing Applications Approved

Applications for enhancements to the Central Stort Crossing and a new Eastern Stort Crossing were approved by the Development Management Committees of both East Herts and Harlow District Councils this week.

Both applications were presented by Places for People as part of the wider Harlow & Gilston development and the approvals are the first piece of major Garden Town infrastructure to be given the go ahead for construction.

The crossings will form part of a new generation of public travel routes, connecting future and existing residents in the Gilston area to Harlow town centre with the enhanced Central Stort Crossing prioritising public transport, cycling and walking, providing healthy and sustainable travel alternatives and local air quality improvements.

The Eastern Stort Crossing will be new infrastructure locating a new road, plus walking and cycling paths, between Terlings Park and Pye Corner, linking Harlow to the new Gilston villages development.

Both crossings will contribute towards the Garden Town’s vision for 60% of all trips originating in new communities to be made by sustainable modes of transport and 50% in established areas across Harlow and the established area.

Garden Town Director, Naisha Polaine, commented: “The decisions made by our Garden Town partners, East Herts and Harlow District Councils, are the first steps in our placemaking process.

“We are committed to doing the best that we possibly can for new and existing residents plus the generations that follow.

“We recognise the strength of feeling from some parts of the community about these applications, but this new infrastructure will contribute significantly to local housing needs and play a part in attracting new investment to Harlow & Gilston Garden Town over time.

“As a local authority partnership, we look forward to working with our developer partners in delivering our vision for the Garden Town and our legacy for the future will be to ensure we always achieve biodiversity net gain for local flora and fauna when development takes place.”

Developer Director for Places for People, Yuved Bheenick, added: “We welcome the positive determination of the Central and Eastern Stort Crossing applications at East Herts District Council and Harlow District Council over the last two days.

“The applications provide for the infrastructure needed to progress the Garden Town vision and, once these decisions are finalised, they will enable us to continue to develop the plans for the Gilston area in conjunction with the authorities and the community.”

Due to the East Herts committee meeting running over time, a further associated listed building application regarding Fiddlers Brook footbridge, will now be heard on Wednesday 2 March.

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