Founder of Big Up Harlow on social media and a champion of all things community, Nishall Garala says Harlow’s future is brighter than ever.

Harlow is a place where I’ve lived my whole life, so you can say I’m a bit biased when I say I really like this town!

And, yes, this is also the reason why I big it up through the #BigUpHarlow campaign!

Harlow has offered me many opportunities, both in my education and career, and it continues to do so through all the community work I do.

With this being said, you can imagine how I felt when the Mirror newspaper released its report on ‘England’s most deprived towns and cities’ with Harlow being placed in the top 20.

Annoyed, frustrated and upset are just some of the words I would use to describe my reaction. (Inserting the rolling eyes and angry face emoji may also be fitting here.)

A couple of the things mentioned in this report was that anyone living in any of these ‘deprived towns and cities’ were likely to die earlier than people in the rest of the country, have fewer qualifications and suffer more from crime – how charming?

Well, whatever the statistics show, our town is continuously growing and with the help of millions of pounds of investment, such as the £23.7m from the Government’s Towns Fund, it will become an even better place for people to live, study & work.

There are a number of different projects where this investment will be making a considerable difference, such as the Institute of Technology and the town centre projects, which will almost certainly provide good growth opportunities for our superb town.

One project worth mentioning is the Garden Town development , as this will not only attract new people to Harlow, it will bring multinational companies as well, who can also help improve our town and take us out of the ‘deprived’ status we’ve been given.

Within this development, Harlow College is also leading the way to create an Institute of Technology, which will focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

This, alongside all the educational establishments we have within our town, will help improve local skills thus creating more opportunities for young people.

The town’s regeneration is very important and it’s something we should all be helping out with where we can, whether it’s through public consultations or talking to the relevant people on what would help Harlow’s growth, whilst maintaining its values.

Many people often shout about how Harlow has a lack of investment, but overlook the massive amount of investment we already have had. So, with all these amazing developments happening, there is good growth for Harlow, and it’s something we should all be watching eagerly to see what comes about and how it all takes shape.

I for one think, Harlow’s future is brighter than ever, and as a new town too, we have done immensely well to achieve what we have!

So, what do you think of Harlow and all the growth investment it is getting?

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