News that a cycle lane in London has created an increase in both cycling and road safety has been welcomed by Harlow & Gilston Garden Town’s Active Travel Officer, David Burt.

Latest stats from Transport for London show that the new infrastructure in Chiswick High Road inspired a 72% increase in cycling between February and April 2021 with almost 3000 active travel journeys on weekdays.

And police data reveals that there were only two collision incidents in the same time period, compared to eight in the year before the scheme was introduced last Christmas.

“Harlow & Gilston Garden Town are pleased to see cycle lanes being trialled with success across London,” said David.

“This shows that if the right infrastructure is put in place, people will take the opportunity to travel in a healthier and more environmental way.”

The Harlow & Gilston Garden Town team recently ran a five-week consultation for the Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP), showing casing nine cycle routes and four walking zones that will contribute to better air quality, a healthier population and less traffic on the roads.

“There’s over 30 miles of cycleways in Harlow but many sections of this network are in need of repair and are missing vital links in places,” explained David.

“Our LCWIP identifies priority walking and cycling routes for investment to bring them up to a high standard and which will help us secure investment and encourage people to travel more actively.”

You can read more about the Chiswick High Road cycling lane success here.