East Harlow is located across the administrative boundary between Harlow District and Epping Forest District. Collectively, the East Harlow area will provide around 3,350 new homes as part of new development within the Garden Town (2,600 will lie within Harlow District and 750 will lie within Epping Forest District). The new development will incorporate community facilities, including nursery/pre-school facilities, and new primary and secondary schools.

An area of land on the north-eastern part of the site has been identified by Princess Alexandra Hospital as the preferred location for a brand-new health campus if the hospital moves from its existing central Harlow site. The Councils are working in partnership with the Hospital to facilitate this move, if it is agreed that a new health Campus will be built at East Harlow. (In the event that the hospital does move from its existing location to a new site at East Harlow, the existing hospital site will be developed to provide around 600 new homes).

Harlow and Gilston Garden town map showing the extent of the area included in the project

Development of this site also provides the opportunity to resolve flood risk issues, both onsite and off-site, downstream and upstream.

The site will be connected to Harlow Town Centre and the wider Garden Town by safe and attractive pedestrian and cycling routes as well as a rapid bus transit service which will run along a dedicated corridor.

The land at East Harlow is proposed for development as part of the Garden Town within Harlow District Council’s Submission Local Plan and Epping Forest District’s Submission Local Plan. The Local Plans are currently awaiting the outcome of Examinations in Public, which was held earlier in the year. Early Masterplanning work for the site has commenced and public consultation will be undertaken at various stages in the process.

It is anticipated that the first new homes on this site will be built in 2023-24 and will be developed over a nine-year period, to be completed in 2032-33.