Epping Forest District Council is one of the three Local Planning Authorities responsible for the Garden Town project, with support from Essex County Council and Hertfordshire County Council. The Garden Town covers the entirety of Harlow District and extends to the east south and south-west into Epping Forest District. It also extends to the north into to East Herts District.

A large number of the new homes built as part of the Garden Town will be delivered on the strategic sites to the north, east south and south-west of Harlow.

The following numbers of new homes will be delivered in Epping Forest District:


Water Lane area
(to the south west of Harlow)


Latton Priory
(to the south of Harlow)


East Harlow
(the site will provide 3,350 new homes in total – the remaining 2,600 will be delivered on land within Harlow District)

In total, around 3,900 new homes will be built in Epping Forest District as part of the Garden Town project between 2020 and 2033.

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