Our Getting Around in the Garden Town public consultation began on Friday 31 January 2020 and showcased our transport plans to support housing and employment growth across Harlow and Gilston before closing on Friday 13 March 2020. All of the resources are still readable though so visit harlowandgilstongardentown.co.uk/transport to find out more.

HGGT will be an attractive place to travel in, with convenient, comfortable and sustainable transport networks connecting people with the places that matter to them. It will offer a wide range of reliable options for getting around, such as new, fast and frequent buses linking key areas within the Garden Town and beyond using dedicated bus lanes. A vast network of high-quality walking and cycling routes will be both direct, for quick journeys, and pleasant, for leisurely walks and bike rides.

To achieve this, major investment is being made in infrastructure and activities to support active and sustainable travel choices. Encouraging more people to travel by bus, bike, or on foot for everyday journeys will ensure the Garden Town can support a healthy economy; provide a good quality of life for existing and future residents; and celebrate its local landscape and character.

Positive travel choices lie at the heart of the Vision for the Garden Town –


‘Transport infrastructure that can adapt to new technologies and changing habits’

‘Green infrastructure that supports a variety of uses such as play, walking, cycling and community events’


‘Accessible routes that encourage people to move actively – to walk, cycle and skate – and are inclusive to all abilities’

‘Sociable streets and local centres that encourage daily interaction’

‘An active and vibrant town centre…’


A fully integrated public transport network that connects within and beyond the Garden Town’

‘A place where people are inspired to work locally and encouraged to travel actively’


‘At the forefront of public rapid transit technology’

‘Pioneering temporary interventions and quick wins’

We want to get as many people travelling sustainably as possible. We have a target to increase the number of journeys made by walking, cycling and public transport to 60% in new communities and 50% in the existing areas of the Town. The percentage of trips currently made by foot, bike and public transport is 34%.

We will make a number of innovative changes to achieve these targets; we will:

  • Provide a cohesive network of safe, attractive and direct walking and cycling routes to cater for all abilities.
  • Provide dedicated rapid bus corridors that will allow for high quality, direct, comfortable, frequent, affordable and fast bus journeys.
  • Ensure that infrastructure is future-proofed so it can easily accommodate new and emerging technologies, such as driverless vehicles.
  • Develop a programme of incentives to encourage all of us to travel by foot, bike or bus for everyday journeys. This may include exciting initiatives like a car club; a ‘bike hire scheme, including e-bikes; workplace facilities such as bike storage, showering and changing facilities; events and cycle training.
  • Ensure that local streets are tree-lined, sociable, and designed with people in mind.
people on bicycles
a bus

A shift in our thinking and travel habits to more sustainable options will have hugely positive and far-reaching benefits for each of us, and the community as a whole. Not only will it help to reduce congestion on the roads, making everyone’s travel times quicker, but walking and cycling improves physical and mental health, increasing fitness and overall wellbeing. As a result, less pollution will benefit everyone’s health and help tackle climate change. The Garden Town will prioritise streets for people of all needs and abilities, rather than roads for cars.

New technologies, development and collaboration can help ensure that everyone in Harlow is able to make everyday journeys in a healthier, more pleasant way without having to rely on the car. The Garden Town will be pioneering in its approach; offering an active, fun and sociable travel experience for all.

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