Both East Hertfordshire and Harlow District Councils have confirmed their rescheduled Development Management Committee (DMC) meeting dates to hear the applications for the enhancements to the current Central Stort Crossing and the proposed new Eastern Stort Crossing.

Both meetings were postponed in November 2021 due to late submissions raising detailed planning and legal points that required further consideration from both Councils.

East Herts District Council DMC will hear the applications on Tuesday 22 February, starting at 5.30pm, with the meeting being live streamed from the Hertford office on Pegs Lane via

Harlow District Council DMC will hear the applications on Wednesday 23 February, starting at 7pm, with Your Harlow live streaming from the Civic Centre at the Water Gardens.

The River Stort Crossing plans have been submitted by the applicant, Places for People, as part of the important infrastructure needed to support the planned new Garden Town neighbourhood at Gilston and to help upgrade the transport network for all residents.

The crossings form part of a new generation of travel routes connecting residents to Harlow town centre that focuses on prioritising public transport, cycling and walking and helping to reduce congestion and improve air quality.

You can find details and answers to frequently asked questions on both crossing proposals by going to:

Public speaking arrangements at the Committees:

East Hertfordshire District Council

East Herts District Council has confirmed that social distancing arrangements will be in force at the meeting which means there will be limited public gallery seating available.

Residents and others who have commented on the plans previously during the East Herts consultation stages, will be able to register to speak at the East Herts DMC and make a case for or against the application on the evening. The public gallery seating will be prioritised for those who register to speak.

There will be a six-minute total time limit for residents to present either against or in support of the proposals. Those who register will be put in contact with each other and will be asked to coordinate in advance of the meeting to make best use of their slot with the DMC.

You can register your interest in speaking at the East Herts DMC meeting by going to:

Harlow District Council

Harlow District Council has also confirmed that social distancing arrangements will be in force at the meeting which means there will be limited public gallery seating available and seats will be prioritised for those speaking for and against the application.

Details of the public speaking rules are at:

(Constitution Rules of Procedure Section 19)

Three speakers in favour of the proposal, three speakers objecting to the proposal and the agent or applicant will be allowed to address the Committee prior to the Members’ discussion and decision on the application.

Each speaker will be limited to six minutes.

If you wish to speak, you must contact the Corporate and Governance Support Team on 01279 446057 or via e-mail and advise them at least 24 hours before the meeting that you wish to speak and the nature of your interest in the proposal.

The available speaking slots will be allocated to those registering first.

If you wish to attend the meeting you must follow the current Government Guidance on Covid restrictions and social distancing.

Space will be strictly limited so please only attend if you have registered to speak.

Please also note that, no paper copies of the agenda will be available at the meeting.

The agenda can be downloaded from the Council’s website before the meeting here.


Designated as a Garden Town by Government in January 2017, Harlow and Gilston Garden Town supports the delivery of 24,000 new homes across four new neighbourhoods, each carefully designed to create major new opportunities for local people to live, work and make the most of their local area.

The Gilston Garden Neighbourhood is to be made up of seven new garden villages delivering 10,000 new homes with supporting community and sustainable transport infrastructure, set within a sensitively landscaped environment.

The full planning application reports for both crossings are available to view here