A series of strategic public travel routes through the Garden Town providing high quality public and active travel options that will connect neighbourhoods quickly with key destinations such as the town centre and Harlow Town railway station.

The routes will:

• Have dedicated space, either on the existing highway or on newly created roads to help buses move freely, avoid congestion and have priority over other traffic

• Provide frequent and reliable bus routes across the town, north to south and east to west

• Be fully integrated with other public transport options

• Be used by modern, high quality, low emission buses

• Provide paths for walking and cycling separated from other traffic

• Promote healthy and active travel choices

• Support hubs across Harlow providing a range of transport services and community facilities

Constructing the new Public Travel Routes will mark the Garden Town out as a national leader in sustainable travel.

Where are they planned?

Two key routes are planned:

• North to South, linking Gilston in the north with Harlow Town railway station, the town centre and Latton Priory to the south;

• East to West, running from near the new M11 Junction 7a, to the town centre and on to the Pinnacles and new developments at Water Lane.

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Harlow and Gilston Garden town map showing the extent of the area included in the project