The Water Lane area lies directly to the south-east of Harlow and sits within Epping Forest District. The area is made up of various parts and, collectively, the Water Lane sites will provide around 2,100 new homes within the Garden Town, alongside community facilities including nursery/pre-school facilities and a new primary school.

The site will be connected to Harlow Town Centre and the wider Garden Town by safe and attractive pedestrian and cycling routes as well as a rapid bus service which will run along a dedicated corridor.

The allocation site is split into three separate parcels known as West Katherines (land north of Water Lane), Tylers Cross (immediately south of Water Lane), and West Sumners (southern-most part of the allocation site).


Harlow and Gilston Garden town map showing the extent of the area included in the project

West Katherines is controlled by the West Katherines Consortium, which comprises Taylor Wimpey, Persimmon Homes Limited & Marton Grant Homes, all of which are developers. Tylers Cross is made up of a collection of smaller parcels of land controlled by individual land owners, some of which are represented by Planning Agents. West Sumners is controlled by Manor Oak Homes Limited who are Land Promoters.

The land at Water Lane is proposed for development as part of the Garden Town within Epping Forest District’s Submission Local Plan. The Local Plan is currently being examined by the Planning Inspectorate. Masterplanning for the site is underway and public consultation will be undertaken at various stages in the process.

It is anticipated that the homes will be built over a ten-year period.